Coming Soon to NYC: Baal?

What a disturbing level of blindness and complacency exists in our world!

You may be aware that, as the terrorist ISIS thugs have moved across different landscapes, they have destroyed historical architecture and monuments along the way.  One thing they destroyed in 2015 was the Temple of Baal, a popular landmark in Syria.  This particular destructive act may have been a good thing, as our Elohim has always called upon the high places of false gods to be torn down.  However, some people decided this specific landmark should be recreated and memorialized.  Why, of all the things ISIS has destroyed, is this structure worthy of reproduction?  (And, what spiritual entity would have encouraged this?)

So plans were made to replicate the arch from Baal’s Temple and place one in London and one in New York.  Later, that plan was supposedly reworked to replicate a different arch, making it a bit more subtle in its disregard for the One True God.

Have you heard anything about this?  It is certainly flying under the radar, isn’t it?

The new replicated arch resembles one built by the Romans to commemorate a victory over Parthia.  So what?  Who lived in the Parthian Empire during that time?  Descendants of the Northern Tribes of Israel…Joseph / Ephraim.  So this arch commemorates victory over the dispersed people of YHWH!  Most certainly that would meet with HaSatan’s (aka Baal’s) approval.

London’s version was erected in April and the NYC version is scheduled to be unveiled TOMORROW, September 19th.  Read these linked stories for more information.

From March 2016 (before the plan was reworked)

From April 2016

From Sept 14, 2016

From Sept 16, 2016

We cannot be on our knees enough.  The days are dark, but our Elohim is a pure righteous light.  Pray fervently for our country and this world, for more eyes and hearts to be opened, in these dangerously wicked days.


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