Health of a President

Anyone reading this blog over time knows that I hate discussing politics.  Both parties in the American political system are equally bad in my view, just taking different routes to the same destination.

With that said, I noticed on Martin Armstrong’s website earlier this week, an intriguing video.  I felt confident, since he was the one posting it, that this was not just some dramatic hype like so many videos on these topics tend to be.

ASIDE: If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Armstrong’s work, I would recommend taking some time to review it.  He never expresses any kind of Biblical faith, so I don’t know where he stands on that.  But his “predictions” or rather that of the Socrates computer he developed are stunning in their accuracy. His website is and he is the subject of a recent documentary titled The Forecaster.

The video claims to be the work of a physician examining public evidence to piece together a probable explanation for Hillary Clinton’s behavior.  He states multiple times that he has not directly examined or treated Mrs. Clinton.  He is only using his expertise to evaluate what he has seen on video and in writing.  I am certainly not a doctor, so I cannot verify his conclusions.  I only submit this to you for contemplation.  If nothing else, it is greatly interesting.


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