Recommendation: Arches National Park

Do you enjoy hiking?  Does getting outdoors revitalize your faith in our Creator?  If you answered yes to both questions, an absolute must destination is Arches National Park just outside of Moab, Utah.

This is one of the most heavily visited national parks for good reason!  It is incredibly gorgeous and allows for visitor enjoyment at all levels.  If you want to take a quick drive through to see the basics of the park, you can easily do that.  If you wish to enjoy a short hike to stretch your legs, you can do that.  If a long challenging hike or multiple day visit is your desire, that is abundantly doable.  Biking through the park is another incredible way to see the sites.

To make the most of your visit, there are some important things to know…

  • Crowds can be massive, so plan to arrive early in the morning.
  • This park is not pet friendly, so groups with pets often find one person is left behind at the vehicle or RV to maintain the pets while everyone else hikes.  The best bet is to leave pets at home or find somewhere to board them while you visit.
  • Remember, all times of the year, to bring lots of water, not just in the car but on your hike.  Numerous people dehydrate (and some even die) here annually by being unprepared.
  • Elevation changes are considerable.  This is not flat terrain.  Whether biking or hiking, know what to expect on your trail and don’t assume you can just handle whatever comes.  Stamina is required for many of the uphill spots.
  • Avoid the high temperature summer months and the heat of the day, because the red rock absorbs heat and reflects it back to you.
  • Sunrise and sunset at Arches NP are exceptional times to witness YHWH’s handiwork.  Just be aware that photographers from around the world stake out spots near popular features such as the Delicate Arch well in advance, so you are unlikely to enjoy the scenery alone.
  • Using the nearby town of Moab as base camp during your visit is convenient.  Just know that prices for groceries, restaurants, tours, hotels, campsites, etc. are high in Moab.  It’s certainly a fun place to visit, just prepare with extra money on hand.

With those bits of advice, I would definitely recommend visiting Arches National Park!  It is a unique place of incredible beauty where you would be hard pressed not to recognize the hand of Adonai!

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