Travel Prayers

So many people are on the roads or in the air, or have been in the last few days, traveling for this all-American holiday season.  Please keep one another in prayer during this time.  The Adversary and his minions seem to use busy times like this to do some of their most dastardly deeds.

Gracious Adonai, YHWH our Elohim, wrap Your loving arms around Your people wherever they are this week and the following weeks.  Forgive us our sins and trespasses.  Help us to repent and walk humbly with You, in Your ways.  Keep us all safe from accident, illness and injury.  Protect us from deception, distraction, and despair.  Make our travels safe and smooth, and our hearts and minds filled with Your shalom… complete peace and rest in You.  For those traveling, please keep their homes and possessions safe and intact while they are away.  Thwart any evildoers wishing harm on Your kids.  Protect, help, and bless in Your merciful loving kindness.  Give us all hearts and lips to sing Your great praises.  May Your Name be praised through our lives!  May Your will be done in all things!  In the glorious name of our Messiah Yeshua we request these things.  Amen.


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