Today’s Big Little Words: To and For

As families across America celebrate Thanksgiving with gut-busting meals, family gatherings and football games, I wanted to mention two small but important words we should remember today.  To and for.  Who are we thankful to and what are we thankful for?

We have to stop sleep walking through life not asking the vital questions.  Everyone loves Thanksgiving and no one really takes offense when you say “Happy Thanksgiving” because so few associate it with YHWH.  Many people only think about the food, family time (good or bad) and football.  This year, lets all make sure we include these two big little words.

Personally, I am very thankful TO Sovereign YHWH, Creator and Sustainer of all things, Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, FOR all He provides, FOR His endless love and mercy, FOR the ways He teaches us about Himself when we seek Him, FOR sending Messiah Yeshua to demonstrate true Torah living, and FOR resurrecting our Messiah after He paid the price for our sins.  Praise His Name!

May your Thanksgiving, if you are celebrating it, and every day forward be greatly blessed with Adonai’s best gift…Himself!


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