Homesteading: Accidents and Illnesses

So many of us dream about homesteading and how great life will be once we can do it.  Some dreamers have never experienced the farm lifestyle and yearn to do so.  Some, like Dear Hubby and I, are eager to return to the life they once enjoyed but had to, for one reason or another, leave.  It’s important with our hopes and dreams that we keep it real.  There is no perfectly idyllic life.  Problems happen.  (Remember our Messiah said we would have trouble in this life.)  Make sure you understand that discomforts, crises and tragedies occur in all settings…including the homestead.

The videos below are an honest discussion of one family’s struggles with the unexpected – from an accident the wife endured to her husband’s sudden health issue.  We can still be enthusiastic about our dreams, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking the dream means a perfect life.  That is (at least one reason) why we must focus on and seek YHWH’s eternal kingdom, where He dries every tear and there is no longer pain or suffering.


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