Get Up!

How often do we hear that life is a series of ups and downs?  We can’t live on the mountain top continually.  Adonai teaches us this.  Peter wanted to stay on the mountain where Yeshua was transfigured.  Who can blame him?  But life isn’t judged by our highs, but rather how we deal with the lows.  Whenever we fall, we need to persist in getting back up again, growing closer to YHWH.  As children of the Most High we cannot let the enemy succeed in keeping us tethered.  Break the chains!  Get up!  We all fall down in this walk of faith.  Some days it seems like the ground is pure quicksand.  But our Elohim is all powerful.  Get up!

It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up again.

~ Vince Lombardi, famous American Football Coach

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