Hanukkah and 2016 Finale

Dear Readers:

Thank you for following along with Dear Hubby and I as we share snippets from our journey in this life of faith.  Your kindness, prayers and support mean so much!  We look forward to meeting you all face-to-face in the Kingdom of our Lord someday, but until then we praise Him for this online fellowship with His people.  If it be His will, we hope there is still opportunity in the current life to meet more of you in person.

As this Hanukkah season and the year 2016 both come to a close, we pray that YHWH’s greatest blessings come to each of you, that He pours more of Himself into your lives, and that He brings you His shalom in more profound ways!  May those who need healing receive it immediately and completely.  May those who need comfort be held in His warm, loving arms.  May those who need financial resources be filled to overflowing with His abundance.  May those who need encouragement be filled with His endless supply of love and joy.  May the year 2017 be your closest walk with Adonai, always rejoicing in His instruction, His faithfulness, His mercy and grace.

Eternal glory to YHWH our Elohim and His only Son, Yeshua our Messiah!  Praise His Name!

Graphic courtesy of http://www.alittleperspective.com

Thanks again to A Little Perspective (www.alittleperspective.com) for graciously sharing her beautiful Hanukkah graphics!  What a blessing they have been to help focus our thoughts on Him at this time!


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