Torah Topples Hate

Have you seen the recent stories of Jewish persecution in the US?  Unfortunately it isn’t anything new.  Our Jewish brethren have been harassed and vilified worldwide for centuries.  But it seems (is it just me?) that the intensity and frequency in the “land of the free and home of the brave” is increasing.  Naturally, it caught my attention when one of the targeted communities was in Montana.

A word of caution…  Just because some of us (as members of the Messianic / Hebrew Roots community) aren’t technically “Jewish”, don’t think we will be exempt from the persecution.  We most certainly will not.

Pray for one another, our Jewish brethren, Israel, Jerusalem, and even the enemies who bring the persecution.  Things will get much worse before Yeshua returns.  Adonai’s word guarantees that.  But, regardless, we will stand firm in our faith and the certain hope of our great Deliverer!  We have a great gift…we know how the story ends!  At His designated time our Elohim will triumph over all His enemies, once and for all!  Hallelujah!

Arutz Sheva article from 01/10/2017
The Guardian (UK) article from 01/09/2017



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