HRC: Give It Up

Homestead Dreamers are those who passionately desire to live the homesteading life.  But Adonai does not promise that we will obtain all our goals, desires or dreams.  In fact, He often asks us to lay those down and give them up to prove we love Him more.  If you aren’t willing to do that, then you have an idol.  Think about it deeply.  Can you really give up your dream?  Are you really content knowing it may never happen?  Is that dream, that desire, worth more than Yeshua?  Not all of us will see a homestead become reality.  Dwell on that and be OK with it.  He is worth so much more!

HRC: Prioritize

Regardless of the media propaganda, you can’t have it all and you can’t do it all.  Sure there are seasons of exceptional productivity in most of our lives.  But that is not long-lasting.  No, you can’t do it all.  As I say often…  Expect it.  Deal with it.  Be OK with it.

Do the most important things first and let the crumbs fall to the side.  Keep your strategic plan in mind when the task list looks overwhelming.  Remember that planning and prioritizing are the foundations of a successful homestead, and truly to a successful life.

HRC: Never Too Busy

Living the homesteading life can be exhilarating and exhausting.  There are times when you feel like sleep is not a luxury that you can afford.  But hopefully, if you have planned your homestead well, those times should lessen as time goes on.  As the efficiency of your homestead increases, the workload should ease.  If you have planned old age and death into the homestead setup from the beginning, it should taper off into more of a “maintenance mode” than hurried activity.

Throughout the life cycles of your homestead and the important things you do, plan or hope to do, keep this in mind.  Never be too busy for your Creator YHWH and never be too busy for your family and brethren in the faith.  Trust everything into Adonai’s hands and see how faithful He is!

HRC: Find Alternatives

Don’t let the uncertainties and failures discourage you. Be real but don’t be too quick to throw in the towel.  Find alternate ways to approach something that isn’t going as you wanted or expected.  When it seems like there is no other way, tilt the view and see if another option appears.  You might be surprised!

HRC: Plan for Old Age and Death

The only alternative to growing old is dying young.  So, either way, we need to consider old age and death.  These should be basic considerations as you plan and setup your homestead.  Yes, do it from the start!  Garden and animal areas should be setup with maximum efficiency and ease in mind.  Think about doing this task when you are 75 years old.  How can you make things easier?  Arrange your entire homestead with this in mind.  Spend the time considering what it would be like to live there at a more advanced age, with a severe illness/disability, or with a family member who is incapacitated in some way.

Don’t rely on one person, a strong husband, to deal with major issues.  If he dies and leaves behind a widow who can’t do those things, how will those major tasks be done?  Will she have to sell the homestead because she can’t deal with things on her own?  Make the chicken coop easy for her to deal with.  Consider sheep or another small livestock instead of cattle.  Design the house and property with the mindset that she should be able to handle all the major functions of the homestead alone, if and when necessary.