Homesteading Reality Check

Many of the people who view this blog are homestead dreamers, those who wish to pursue the homesteading life but aren’t able to do so at present.  Your time of waiting may be a gift in disguise!  During this time, you have the invaluable opportunity to think through this dream before investing huge chunks of money, time and effort into it.

Throughout this month, we’ll be sharing things to think about as a reality check.  Sure, it is great to dream a little dream, but is the reality what you think it is?  Don’t get me wrong.  It can be an incredible life, but…it is not for everyone.  And, that’s OK.  It is better to figure that out in advance than to cause yourself (and your family) unnecessary grief!  Let’s take a look at it, realistically and objectively.  If you understand the challenges in homesteading life, and can enthusiastically and resolutely face them over the long-term, the dream is closer to being a reality.


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