HRC: Get Real!

homesteading-reality-check-1One of the most foundational elements to successful homesteading is being REAL.  This isn’t something you want to jump into thinking how quaint it sounds and dreaming of an easy life.  Simple? Yes, possibly.  Easy?  No!  Wake up from the dream and get real.  Homesteading can be awesome but it is not for everyone.  Ladies, if you need your nails done weekly, homesteading is not for you.  If you can’t bare being seen without makeup, homesteading is not for you.  Ladies and gents both, if you can’t handle getting dirty or getting dirt in your house, homesteading is not for you.  If you can’t imagine life without all the latest gadgets and most high tech household conveniences, homesteading is not for you.  Hopefully, you’ve thought of these things already.

Homesteading is a great deal of work and is (usually) much more time consuming and exhausting than most paycheck type jobs.  And, after all the hard work, you don’t see an actual paycheck.  Your efforts pay off in different ways.  If you really truly GET that, then and only then should you consider it further.

Understand that I do not wish to discourage any future homesteader.  But I’ve learned that sometimes “tough love” and especially the “get real” kind is needed.  It is so much better to realize in advance that your dream was really just fantasy and move on to something you are more suited for, than to cause tremendous grief for yourself and your family.  Yes, there are former homesteaders out there that couldn’t leave it fast enough.  They wish they  had known more of what they were getting into.  That is what we hope to provide in this reality check series.


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