HRC: Strategic Planning

homesteading-reality-check-1The second most essential element to having a successful homestead is effective strategic planning.  So many times we seem to plan tactically, based on the short-term, or the emotions of the moment.  Those types of decisions are certainly part of this human life.  But long-term, focused strategic planning can be the difference between realizing goals and always wondering why things never “seem to work out”.  One way to tell the difference is that strategy is a bigger picture, what you want to accomplish over a longer period of time.  Tactics are the short-term, immediate actions of how something is done.

Are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person?  Do you have trouble planning your week or your future?  Do you thrive on chaos and last minute deadlines?  If so, I would recommend reconsidering your homestead dream.

Continual (read: never ending) planning, reassessing and readjusting are necessary for any homestead to work well.  Just as we have a preparation day each week to make Sabbath a success, homesteaders must plan and prepare to make their homestead life a success.  Many of the considerations we will discuss this month will center on effective planning.  It cannot be overstated or underutilized.


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