HRC: Personal Education

homesteading-reality-check-1Don’t rely solely on books or videos for your homesteading personal education. While you can learn alot on your own that way, there are some things you may never understand or realize without talking directly to an experienced person.  Talk to those who are doing it, talk to an older generation that used skills you want to learn, go visit a homestead or farm and talk to the homesteaders in person.

Reality check:  If you think, “Sure that’s a good thing to do but I don’t have time.  I’ll just skip that part.  I know what I want. Think again.  You may be surprised what you learn by spending some face time with an experienced farmer / homesteader.

NOTE:  ALWAYS, ALWAYS ask before going to visit someone’s farm or homestead.  It is NOT acceptable to just drop in on someone at their property without them knowing in advance.  Properties can be damaged, both people and animals severely injured, and other problems created when others presume they can just drop by a working farm or homestead.


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