HRC: Financial Diversity

homesteading-reality-check-1Money doesn’t (usually) grow on trees. Even if you have the best orchard plan ever made, it still isn’t a guarantee that you will be able to make a living solely from your homestead.  You may think, I’ll make things beautiful, have a blog and a YouTube channel and watch the money roll in.  Not likely.  Don’t expect to be able to make your living that way.  It could happen but again, it is not likely.  Be realistic and know that even the best ideas don’t guarantee success.

Build diversity into your personal financial plan. You’ve probably heard this many times, but having multiple income streams is a great way to minimize the chances of serious money woes.  Plan these things into your homestead.  In addition to your outside employment, sell your vegetable excess at the local farmer’s market or start a produce stand on your property, or pursue whatever onsite income you desire.  Protect yourself by thinking through alternate situations, worst-case scenarios, and backup plans B, C, and D.


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