HRC: Inconvenient Travels

homesteading-reality-check-1Homesteaders can’t just run to the store anytime something is needed.  Of course, depending on your employment situation you may visit towns or cities, and consequently encounter supplies and services, more regularly than others.  But generally, homesteading means that town will be farther away (and sometimes MUCH farther away) than you are used to, so trips to get groceries or other supplies have to be planned for maximum efficiency.  Again, the key is planning.  Many people set a certain day each week to go to town.  For those living further from civilization, trips for supplies may only occur every two or three weeks.  Dropping what you are doing to run to town every day is not a good use of time or money on the homestead.  It isn’t realistic or efficient.  And, even for those who may work in town and commute to the homestead regularly, it gets old having to stop by the grocery store, hardware store, lumber yard, or feed store after work.  Planning in advance to minimize trips is always a smart idea.


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