HRC: Weather Matters

I admit it.  It’s one of my pet peeves.  When someone in town who barely has a lawn complains endlessly about getting or not getting rain.  They have no idea how it feels to rely on rainfall for your livelihood.  Farmers and homesteaders with crops know how that feels!  Depending on your setup, rains or the lack thereof can mean dire consequences for your family.  If you venture into this awesome life, staring at the sky in anticipation may become a new hobby.

But, homesteading life continues regardless of the weather.  Animals have to be watered and fed regardless of how bad the weather gets.  Yes, 110 degrees or 4 feet of snow, they have to be cared for…  If that truth makes you cringe or your blood pressure skyrocket, know that there is hope!  Here is yet another example where careful planning pays off huge benefits!  If you setup your animal enclosures, barn, etc. so that water and feed can quickly and easily be given to your livestock and so they have emergency shelter from extreme weather conditions, you’ll thank Elohim every bad weather day that you did!


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