HRC: Prepared to a Point

Homesteading does not mean “survival prepping” but rather living a more hands-on life and not relying on an external “system” (i.e. regular deliveries reaching your grocery store) for your daily life.  People often get into homesteading to enjoy a simpler life or to be self-sufficient.  You don’t have to plan for every possible scenario and have duplicates of your duplicates in order to homestead.  But there are some practical things to consider.

Since you will likely be living away from a city or town, in the event of an accident, mishap or emergency, you will need to have a few more supplies on hand than the average city dweller.  You’ll need to be able to deal with water leaks, broken glass, injuries and other issues on site, at least initially before help can come to you or you can get to help.  There’s no need to go overboard trying to prepare for every possible circumstance.  Just plan for the most obvious and basic ones.


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