HRC: Kids on the Homestead

If you plan to homestead with children, let them explore.  Let them get dirty.  Let them be kids.  Kids will get hurt.  Expect it.  You can and should try to minimize the dangers for your children, but don’t smother them out of fear.  Being too overprotective can make them into fearful adults, even causing phobias that rule their lives.  Pray for wisdom on walking an appropriate line between caution and suffocation.  And, always pray for YHWH to keep your family safe.  Ultimately it is His hand that holds our every breath.


2 thoughts on “HRC: Kids on the Homestead

  1. Love this! I homestead and my daughter is 1 1/2 years old. She already loves doing chores around the homestead and I wouldn’t have it any other way! She at least knows where her food comes from! I don’t worry over her getting hurt because it is in His hands and I do believe He will protect us on our homestead as we work His land and tend to His animals.
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    1. Kudos for teaching your daughter such valuable skills at a young age and for remembering Who holds you (and her) in His hands. His loving kindness knows no end!
      Thanks for dropping by! I’ll check out your site too!

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