HRC: Teaching Kids

Homesteading can be an incredible teaching environment for children, as well as adults!  Encourage your kids to try new things – for in the process of doing they will learn.  Provide them training in valuable life skills by showing them how to perform homestead tasks.  Use this incredible opportunity to make sure your children gain the skills to handle adversity and take care of their basic needs.  Teach both boys and girls to cook, can, garden, fish, hunt, and camp.  They learn so much easier when they are young.  Let them see firsthand that life does not give awards to everyone just for participating.  Let them fail, and teach them how to do it with grace and get back up and try again.  Practice does, often times, make perfect.  But when it doesn’t, let them discover that not everyone is great at everything.  That is OK.  But not trying or just giving up is NOT OK.  There are life lessons waiting on the homestead to be learned that will build great character in those who find them.


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