HRC: Give Generously

You will need your homestead neighbors and they might even need you.  Start the relationship off right and keep it going well by being generous toward them.  Don’t let there be an atmosphere of always taking from them without giving back.  (You know the situation, you’ve asked them for help or interrupted their work three times this week and now they almost avoid you.  Not good!)  Find out if they like baked goods then always include them in the batches of cookies or bread that you make.  Deliver it to their house with a sincere smile and listening ear, in case they want to talk.  (But don’t intrude when they are busy.) Offer to help them with a task.  Ask their opinion and really listen to their response.  Treat them with respect and care.

If your neighbors are elderly, be sure to help them with chores whenever you can.  Young or old, it is always good to see if they need something when you are planning a trip into town.  Saving them an unneeded trip for that one item, might form a tight bond.  And, of course, these suggestions are all ways we can show YHWH’s love!


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