HRC: Power Outages

If you decide to make your homestead off-grid, then this will be a part of your basic setup.  But if you plan to remain on the grid, relying on electricity produced elsewhere, you need to plan for at least minimal power outages.  Whether due to storm, malfunction or terrorism, power outages are fairly common.  Be sure that your most vital systems have another source of energy.  That could be a manual pump alternative for your well, a wood stove for heat, strategically placed windows (that actually open) with screens for cooling, water cisterns or tanks to hold water, a root cellar that can double as a pseudo refrigerator if necessary, and more.  NOTE:  Be sure you KNOW whether your toilets will flush without electricity.  Some people assume they can use the trick of filling the bowl to force the flush, but that won’t always work.  Test out these things before you have to find alternative ways to handle bathroom needs in the midst of a power failure.


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