HRC: Maintenance is Essential

All things require maintenance and upkeep.  Our bodies, our cars, our homes. Do not neglect the maintenance and upkeep of your homestead.  It is a crucial element of life.  I have known people who never wanted to spend the money on maintaining ANYTHING.  Unfortunately, I know one elderly couple like this who are endlessly trying to compensate for this mindset.  They had a beautiful home but within only 35 years it is almost falling down around them.  It went from being picture perfect to looking abandoned, although they still live there.  Sadly, once they are gone, the place will probably have to be pushed over because the cost of fixing the problems would be greater than building something new.  In the long run, it is much more expensive to NOT maintain.  Plan this into your life on all levels, monthly and yearly.  Do not let it slide.  Upkeep is vital.


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