What is His Will?

We all get tangled up at times wondering what to do.  Decisions don’t always come easy.  This can especially be true as we grow older, experiencing (and getting burned by) more of the ups and downs of life.  Sometimes we can become paralyzed trying to choose, wondering if this is Adonai’s will.

One of our most favorite Bible teachers has a great quote on this:

Too often we modern Christians think that in order to know for certain what Yehoveh wants of us we need some kind of personal spiritual revelation about each of the countless circumstances we encounter in our lives (a thing often referred to in sermons as seeking God’s specific will). Scripture teaches us that almost everything regarding God’s will for us has already been established in the Word of God, and so it is there that we need to turn for most of our answers. But our hope is usually to find a good loop-hole to avoid what it is that we know we ought to do (or not do).

               ~~ Tom Bradford, TorahClass.com

We were certainly taught this.  Were you?  But the thought that every circumstance we face is somehow unique and separate from the instructions our Elohim has already given just trips us up!  It’s not that complicated, really.  We make it so much more burdensome that it should be.  And, unfortunately, we tend to make it all about us, not Him.  We have so much freedom in YHWH!  Follow His instructions.  Lovingly obey them and seek Him above anything else.  Then…within those parameters, make your choices, embrace your personal preferences and enjoy the myriad of options He allows!  Praise Him!


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