Beauty from Ashes

If you have never experienced the loss of everything you felt was important in your life, I hope you never do.  Although, the pain in that process can be a gift in some ways.  Going through that kind of event, with the heart-breaking, gut-wrenching agony involved, brought a vital truth into crystal clear focus for me.  It suddenly was REAL, not just words.  When everything seems to be destroyed, you realize that truly ALL you need is Messiah!  Yes!  ALL. YOU. NEED.  He is more than sufficient.

Learning this lesson the hard way more than 16 years ago, led me to meet Dear Hubby.  When I thought my future would be filled with broken pieces, trying to endlessly glue shattered glass into some semi-recognizable shape, Adonai dropped a sweet, unexpected gift into my life.  As often happens, He brings things to us in a way and at a time that we don’t expect and when we aren’t even looking for it.  Since that time, I have felt like I understand on a small scale what Iyov (Job) experienced…the mind-boggling blessings following devastating loss.

And the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning. ~~ Job 42: 12a (English Standard Version)

Toda raba (thank You so much), YHWH!  Praise to our Elohim!

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