Too Much and Never Enough

I know that I don’t have to convince you that there is much too much hatred and evil in this fallen world.  This morning was just another example of that.  How many people have been shot, run over, knifed, bombed, beaten, etc. around the world just in the last few months?  It seems surreal at times.  YHWH’s Word says it will get worse and worse before Messiah returns.  We are witnessing that with our very own eyes.  The frequency keeps increasing.  I hate to think how very bad it will get…

I also know that I don’t have to convince anyone reading these words to persist in prayer.  We can never pray enough, submit enough, repent enough.  Adonai is gracious and merciful.  He judges the heart.  Whatever the next headline news involves, don’t give up.  Don’t throw your hands up, unless it is in prayer and praise to the Almighty.  Whatever happens, you know it…He is still in charge.  May He strengthen His people and may He have mercy on us all.