Help Me Up

Somedays I am overwhelmed with gratitude that Adonai has blessed my life with Dear Hubby.  While no one really enjoys aging, I am thankful to have this sweet man to travel life’s journey with…  Day after day, year after year, he lends me his strength, and helps me up (physically, emotionally) when I’m down.

Two are better than one, in that their cooperative efforts yield this advantage: if one of them falls, the other will help his partner up — woe to him who is alone when he falls and has no one to help him up. ~~ Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10

No amount of water can quench love, torrents cannot drown it.  If someone gave all the wealth in his house for love, he would gain only utter contempt. ~~ Song of Solomon 8: 7

Whenever I see elderly couples, obviously in love, it warms my heart.  I point them out to DH and he kisses my cheek.  Here’s to being that couple one of these days and daily enjoying our journey together!

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Fire in the Sky

I debated about sharing this.  Of course, I don’t know Elohim’s exact plans – how He will cause His holy will to play out in real time.  But I do believe He uses many ways to get our attention.

The night before the eclipse, August 20th, Dear Hubby and I saw some incredible things in the sky.  In our local area, there were minor rain showers around the region.  As we often do, we watched the sunset that night.  Before the sun dropped, we saw in the eastern sky a beautiful double rainbow following the scattered rains.  When we turned our attention back to the west to view the sunset, Dear Hubby ran to grab the camera.

It looked like fire in the sky.

We were almost without words.  Then DH turned to me and said, “Judgement is certainly coming!”  Then turning toward where we saw the rainbow, he continued, “but not all will be destroyed.”



This is the term that news media are using to describe the destruction from Hurricane Harvey.  Unprecedented.

When I hear the stories and see the images, I ache for the people who are suffering from this disaster.  But immediately I remember the words of our Elohim in His Holy Word and I wonder “is this what the beginning of His final judgement looks like?”

Have mercy on Your people, Abba.  Glorify Yourself in these days and bring more into Your fold by Your tremendous mercy and grace.

News clips below are from the Austin American-Stateman, the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, and the Longview News Journal respectively, all from 8/27/2017.  


Hurricane Harvey

Please pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  This storm came almost out of nowhere, and intensified so quickly that many people were caught off guard.  The projection is for it to move slowly and inundate the Texas coast with heavy rains for several days.  It could be very, very bad.  May Abba protect His people wherever they live.

Graphic from the Houston Chronicle,