Fire and Water

With so much of the nation focused on hurricanes in the last few weeks, it can be easy to lose sight of other types of devastation going on.  The northwest has been suffering through a horrible fire season this summer, especially since early August.  Smoke has been so thick in places that the air quality is considered seriously life-threatening.  The pristine beauty of Glacier National Park in northwest Montana has been deeply charred, including historic structures burned to the ground.  Consider this mind-numbing fact: over a million acres have burned in Montana alone!  Homes and businesses have been lost.

Please remember those dealing with fire and smoke in your prayers as well as those hanging on through wind and water.  What a time this is!  Disasters of all sorts in rapid succession.  May our knees hold up to all the prayers we should be saying…

Current wildfire map (9/10/2017) from

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