What are You Imitating?

Graphic courtesy of Yisrael.me

Youthful Homesteader

What an interesting story of a young woman facing her future with determination, taking risks and learning valuable life lessons in the process.

Article from the Great Falls Tribune (Montana) 10/23/2017

Meditate in Order to Obey

Graphic from thewordfortheday.tumblr.com

Gathering Intel

Such a sad, but true statement.  May we never treat others this way…

Be careful of who you pick as a friend.  Most people pretend to listen, but are only gathering information to use against you or judge you with.


Weathering This Stormy Life

Hold tight to Elohim, whatever comes.

Graphic from pinterest.com, unsure of original source.

Tragedy in the Mishpacha

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah, one of our Faith Family has been struck down in violence.  As this family were returning home from spending Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, with a group of their brethren, this wife and mom was shot and killed.  Please lift the husband, children, and their fellowship family up in prayer.