Prayers for Las Vegas

There are hardly words to utter in situations like this.  How?  Why?  Those are questions we may never, on this side of eternity, know the answer to.

The rapid succession of tragic events in the last six weeks has been shocking!  It certainly seems like prophetic times are upon us.  One thing I fear is that we will develop compassion fatigue and grow numb and uncaring.  “Oh, just another tragedy.  We have so many these days that I can’t keep up.”

Abba YHWH, may You be glorified forever and ever.  Please fill us with Your compassion and love.  Help us to have hearts of flesh not of stone.  Comfort those affected by this tragedy in Las Vegas.  Heal those who are injured.  Bring renewed faith in You, and forgiveness between people, in our divided nation.  Draw people to Yourself in these days.  Protect Your people wherever they live and wherever they go.  Show us how to shine Your light to a dark and dying world.  We trust that You hear and answer prayer.  We trust that Your answer and timing are always perfect.  We ask these things in the name above all names, Yeshua our Messiah…Amen!


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