General Patton and the Maccabees

Throughout the historical account of the Maccabean revolt, there were certainly aspects of what the secular world would call honor and heroism.  YHWH blessed their efforts, in my opinion, because their hearts were fixed on Him and in guarding His commands (and of course because it was His will to bring success to their endeavor).  Victory ultimately came through their determination, their willingness to die rather than betray their Elohim, and most importantly, His Sovereign Hand purposing and guiding their success.

Centuries later, an American warrior expressed a similar thought, focusing (unfortunately) on the lesser part of the equation…

The fixed determination to have acquired the warrior soul, to either conquer or perish with honor, is the secret of victory. 

~~ General George S. Patton

In the next “great” war, will there be any honor involved?  Will there be any thought of dying rather than betraying our Creator?

Let us remember in this Hanukkah season, those who were so determined and steadfast in the past.  Let us pray that we will honor YHWH if we are called to make such decisions ourselves, choosing obedient love to Him above even our own lives.


4 thoughts on “General Patton and the Maccabees

  1. I’m not sure about that. I think we like to think that. I have thought that in the past. I actually think now that many people die courageously or fight courageously and yet don’t see victory because it is not God’s timing. The children of Israel were 400 years in slavery for example and that generation that was delivered eventually from slavery was not full of faith by any means… – God in his own time and against overwhelming odds raises up leaders at the right and in the right place and answers prayer and gives deliverance. And it is a surprise as much to the delivered as to the oppressors, usually. But I think whether we are looking at Hannukah or the election of Trump leading to the recognition of Jerusalem, it would be a mistake to think deliverance of ourselves is ever by our right hands. Just a thought.


    1. Thanks for your comment and the opportunity to clarify. I can see where it may have seemed as if I was saying or implying something that I was not.
      I never said or intended to imply that our “deliverance of ourselves is ever by our right hands”. Deliverance or victory are never guaranteed, regardless of how pure our hearts are, how great our faith, or how obedient we have been. (At times in the Scriptures, Abba DOES guarantee victory but those are in specific circumstances at specific times to specific people. This is not the norm, especially in our day.) YHWH always completes His will perfectly in His own timing and in His way. At times He has us suffer greatly and at times He brings us victory. In fact, His word promises us suffering, trial and tribulation when we follow Him. We are never guaranteed deliverance from problems in this life. We must submit in love, awe, fear and obedience to Him regardless of the outcome.
      I hope this clarifies the content of the post. My apologies for any confusion that was created by poor choice of words…


  2. Thank you. I really liked where you said we must submit regardless of the outcome. I think in the western world we so often think the hero always wins.. and in this life we don’t always see it. One of my great grandfathers in England lost his business running a diapers shop, because he decided to keep Sabbath and the Sunday trading laws at that time prevented Sunday opening and as a result the profit margin was too small. To be honest I think he was judged for it by family too. He ended up becoming a traveling draper. Another Messianic expressed surprise to me when I mentioned this fact because he said he thought God would have increased his profit on the other days and he would have been financially better off as a result. It really made me think. As an addition to the story, I will say too though that I expect to see all four of his children in the world to come and his legacy has lived on in a love for Israel being passed down 4 generations. So I guess he might feel that was better than riches…. :). Thank you for your wonderful messages by the way. They are such a blessing.


    1. The only hero who always wins is the One we are waiting for, isn’t He? Messiah Yeshua!
      Thanks for sharing that story. What a blessing to have a heritage of faith regardless of circumstance or outcome! Yes, I would think such a man would know a faith-filled legacy is worth much more than riches in this temporary life.
      Blessings to you and yours. Feel free to write anytime. And, thanks for your words of encouragement. They are appreciated!


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