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Sorry for the long, abrupt absence.  Dear Hubby and I have been praying, planning and preparing for what appears to be an impending move.  Yes, another move.  Ahh, but this one is very different.  This will return us to three things we left behind years ago:  family, homesteading, and Texas.  The exact timing is still unknown but we are getting ready.  More info will be coming over the next few weeks / months…



7 thoughts on “Return

  1. Hello Hebrew Homestead!

    I was excited to see that you may be returning to homesteading once again. I wrote a long while back and shared our families desire to be on land once again as well. So it’s always great when you see a Hebrew friend headed in the direction of the desires of their hearts being fulfilled. The title of your post also got my attention. The word “return” is that ever reminder to me that someday we shall all be returned to the promises of the land, the Messiah reigning, unity in the body, etc. Nothing gets me more excited than the restoration of all things! May the Father lead you as you continue to move forward in trust.

    Blessings, Bri


    1. Great to hear from you again, my sister! Yes, we are very excited for this opportunity. Praying that your own “return” comes soon as well!

      I agree completely with your enthusiasm in anticipation of Messiah reigning and making things right! What a joy to have all restored to its design and purpose! Amen! Come Yeshua!

      Blessings to you and your family!


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