Beyond the Suffering

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Got a Problem?

Your problem isn’t the problem.  Your reaction is the problem. 


I relate to this quip because it corresponds with something Abba is teaching me.  There’s always an alternative to my ingrained, automatic responses.  I can stop, back up if needed, and consider “what is an alternative to how I’m thinking about this or reacting to it?”  Talk about a game-changer…!!


Did You Know…? v28

The FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) hasn’t always been the President’s wife.  Twice in American history unmarried men were elected, so one niece and one sister served in this role.

James Buchanan, the 15th president, remained unmarried not only throughout his entire presidency but also throughout his entire life, the only U.S. president to do either of those things.  His niece, Harriet Lane Johnston, served as his first lady.  Buchanan was not the only bachelor elected to office, however.  Grover Cleveland, the 22nd president, was unmarried when he was elected, but he got married while in office.  Before then, his first lady was his sister.  (Source: Reader’s Digest)

Praise and Prayer Request

Mishpacha (faith family):

Please join in this praise and prayer as you go about your Tuesday activities.  Praise:  Abba has heard our prayers (and yours – thank you!) and compassionately sent cooler weather our way for the last few days, plus a bit of rain!  Hallelujah!

Prayer: One of our faith family has a time sensitive prayer need.  It is on the prayer request page, but I wanted to highlight it here so you would be certain to lift this up to our Father.  The brother of a blog reader is having prostate surgery this Thursday the 12th.  Please pray throughout this week for complete healing, for wisdom and covering for the medical team, and all praise and honor going where it should – to our loving Elohim!  May this man have comfort and peace beyond understanding, and may he and all those around him see the hand of YHWH in this matter as clearly as they see their own faces in a mirror!

Have a blessed rest of your week!  Shalom.

Heat Beat

How often do you hear the term “beat the heat” this time of year?  It is a common refrain.  It’s usually said in encouragement to take all necessary precautions and smart actions to endure the hot summer days.  I hate to say it, but this year, quite honestly, the heat is beating me.  Will try to get back to the keyboard soon…

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