Shalom!  We are a YHWH-loving couple living an unexpected journey of change and learning continual lessons in faith and contentment.  When we started this blog we lived in the beautiful state of Montana.  Currently, we reside in the (equally beautiful, but in a very different way) southwestern region of the US known as the Grand Circle.

We each grew up in traditional protestant churches.  Then, after many years, God opened our eyes to what we were missing!  The spring of 2014 was the season of our revelation by Adonai that the WHOLE word of God is still valid and true.  It sounds so simple, but it changes absolutely EVERYTHING!  What a wonderful wake-up call that was!  We are still very much learning what it means to follow Yeshua (whom we formerly called Jesus) in all His Torah-observant ways.

Through this site we hope to share what we have learned, are still learning, and fellowship with fellow believers.  Blessings to each eye that reads this blog and to each heart that considers its words.

To contact us: email hrhome7 at hotmail dot com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, we are a torah observant and homeschooling family in Missoula. I happened upon your craigslist post and was intrigued to know more about you all.


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