Apology to Israel

Have you heard of the RiverWinds?  They are a Native American Messianic couple who are musicians.  If you haven’t heard them speak or sing, I would encourage you to look them up.  They have a fascinating story to tell and are passionate about Messiah Yeshua!

Kehila News has an article about their recent tour to Israel.  They performed an original song in apology to Israel from the Christian church.  My favorite line in the song is (in speaking to Israel), “you can never be replaced”!  Amen!  Take a peek at the article.


Working Dogs!

Tomorrow is National Take Your Dog to Work Day!!  So, if you can, enjoy the time with your furry friend!  Kudos to those employers that embrace this idea and allow “man’s best friend” to come along at least one day a year.

Graphic from nationaldaycalendar.com

Quiet Living

One thing that most homesteaders and wanna-be-homesteaders seek is a simple, quiet life.  (As we’ve said before — simple does not mean easy.)  We enjoy working with our hands, even the hard work that this life involves.  There’s no time, energy or need to manufacture drama or contention.

Graphic from 66.media.tumblr.com

Pick a Pepper

Dear Hubby couldn’t stand staying out of the dirt when we arrived last month.  Even though we knew we couldn’t start the homestead yet, he had to get something growing.  Why not?  You can grow something almost anywhere at anytime, right?  Gotta love a man who thinks in terms of “can” rather than “cannot”!  It’s part of his endless charm!

So, now…we have a lone pepper almost ready to pick.  Encouragement comes in small packages sometimes!