Update: August 2016

In March 2016, Adonai moved us out of Montana and into the southwestern US region known as the Grand Circle.  We continue to dream of and pray for a literal physical homestead, while we live the circumstances provided to us in this unexpected journey of life.  Whether we will be blessed with a second chance at homesteading, a dream we realized oh-so-briefly some years ago, we do not know.  Regardless, we will walk forward in faith that our steps and breath are ordered from YHWH our Elohim.  His perfect will be done and praise to Him always!


Update: July 2015

This blog began in November 2014 with a deep desire to build community with fellow Torah-pursuant believers in Messiah Yeshua. As time has elapsed, YHWH our faithful loving Father, has corrected our original vision. As with many who have come to the understanding that the WHOLE Word of Adonai is still valid, we yearn to have regular fellowship with like-minded people. Our original plan of having individual homes on shared property with shared responsibilities was, honestly, naïve. Instead, we simply need to be in close proximity to our brothers and sisters in Yeshua, not tripping over one another on the same plot of ground. We want to live near our brethren to help one another and grow in faith together. Spiritual family relationships are what we desire. But, above and beyond this, we want to please our Elohim, the One true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His only Son, Yeshua our Messiah. Loving Him with everything and loving our neighbors is the daily goal.

In April 2015, we moved from south central Montana to northwest Montana near Libby.  Although we still hope to prepare a “real” homestead, we are currently only living on rental property. We pray for Adonai’s wisdom and provision to supply our own property at some point. However, if His will is for us to live in a small rental house with a small garden and no ability to raise livestock, build barns, etc., then so be it. We choose to live as meagerly as He wishes, owning very little, and not owning the roof over our head or the dirt under our feet if that is His will. He will make the way in His eternal sovereignty for whatever He wants for us.

If YHWH moves like-minded people to our area, we will rejoice. If He doesn’t, we will not despair. The Hebrew Roots Homestead may only exist physically as a shadow of the original hope, on a very limited basis in a rental setting, but it lives tall and strong in spirit. Whether we have one square inch of ground to garden or ten acres, whether our fellowship is in person or simply online, we will glorify YHWH and Yeshua our Messiah. We give all these things over, with joy and thanksgiving, to our Elohim. He already holds our every breath and heartbeat in His hands. Praise to Him forever and ever! Shalom!

Vision and Purpose:  To form a spiritual family unit who work cooperatively with love, compassion, fellowship,  and encouragement.  To join together with other Torah-observant believers in Messiah Yeshua to live simply, self-sustainably, and most importantly, obediently to the whole Word of God.  To grow together in YHWH’s truth, have Adonai-centered fellowship, and live respectfully as a spiritual family.


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