Where’s the Wheelbarrow?

Husband: Honey, have you seen the wheelbarrow?

Wife: Yes…but it’s been awhile.

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It’s MY Life

Your life isn’t your own if you make decisions based on what others think.  

~~ Anonymous

Sounds almost Biblical.  However, “I don’t care what they think” is not the attitude to have.  Rather we are to live in a way that is loving first to Elohim, then to others.  We should be caring and respectful to others without compromising our obedience to our First Love.

Fearing human beings is a snare; but he who trusts in Adonai will be raised high [above danger]. ~~ Proverbs 29: 25

Now does that sound as if I were trying to win human approval? No! I want God’s approval! Or that I’m trying to cater to people? If I were still doing that, I would not be a servant of the Messiah. ~~ Galatians 1: 10


Smokin’ Brisket

No, it isn’t a drug, but it IS best when smoked!

May 28th is National Brisket Day and conveniently, this year it is also Memorial Day, a day known for BBQ and grilling.  So, throw that brisket on the smoker EARLY in the morning, and plan on salivating with the aroma until it hits the table at least 8 hours later.  Yum!

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Homestead Prep and Iced Tea

Late spring and summer are most definitely NOT the time of year to start up your homestead in Texas.  Dear Hubby and I are doing some preparation while we wait out the heat.  There’s plenty to plan and prepare for, so it really isn’t a setback to arrive at this time of year.  We are both itching to get our hands dirty, but we will just have to practice patience.

If you get too enthused this time of year, in this part of the country, you might end up in the hospital or worse.  That is especially true for those of us who are middle aged and beyond.  Besides the very real potential of heat related problems, there are also plenty of snakes, biting and stinging insects, and other things to seriously ruin your day.  Contrary to what some people may think, Montana has insects and varmints as well.  They just don’t exist in abundance like more southern locations have.  Up north, you watch mainly for the big animals, but in a hotter climate like Texas, it’s the small critters that’ll get you.  Think scorpions, fire ants, bees, wasps, hornets, rattlesnakes, cottonmouth snakes, etc.

The forecast predicts we’ll hit 100 degrees before June even arrives.  Whew!  So, we’ll wait out the heat, do some planning, and consume considerable amounts of iced tea.  Grab a glass and two big handfuls of ice, and join us on the porch…or maybe next to the air conditioner!

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Ride Through

For those that aren’t aware…one of the deeply embedded Texas institutions is a fast-food chain called Whataburger.  Thousands, if not millions, of people salivate just at the thought.  And, well…the drive through is flexible for other modes of transportation.

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