Garden Anywhere

Regardless of where you live or how limited your space is, you can find a way to garden on some level.  It could be a small windowsill herb garden, a tiered herb garden on your patio (like the photo below), or a mini greenhouse for a few vegetables.  Don’t let a lack of acreage discourage you.  It is both possible and enjoyable to grow herbs and vegetables for yourself even when done on a very small scale.

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Jaffa: An Aerial View

Drone photography and video really enables us to see things from an amazing perspective!  Take a look at this quick aerial tour of the fishing port of Jaffa, a section of the modern unified municipality known as Tel Aviv-Yafo.

NOTE:  Maybe it’s just me, but the music in this video seemed a bit loud.  So be prepared to turn your volume down as needed.

Redefining the Temple Mount

Dear Hubby and I were just discussing how we’ve noticed a definite shift in terminology being used in news reports and from world leaders.  No longer are many using the term “the Temple Mount” but rather the Islamic moniker “Haram Ash Sharif” or “Haram al-Sharif”.  Naturally, we find this a disturbing sign of the times.  Take a few minutes to read the article below for one possible explanation.

Breaking Israel News article from July 27, 2017