Prayer Requests

NEED PRAYER?  If you would like to share a prayer request, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  The requests will be added to the list below as quickly as possible.  If you haven’t seen your item added to the list after 3 days, please send an email (hrhome7 at hotmail dot com) to confirm we got the request.  Names (and some other details) are not posted to preserve privacy.

Please share these prayer requests with your fellowship and commit to including them in your own regular prayer times.

May YHWH richly bless you with His grace, mercy and love!


  • J & L in MT need spiritual healing from their opposition to Adonai’s eternal instructions and their reliance on man’s traditions
  • CW in AZ needs spiritual healing unto salvation
  • R and JR in TX need spiritual healing to come to true, life-changing, saving faith in Messiah Yeshua
  • E in NV needs spiritual healing unto salvation
  • C in AZ needs spiritual healing unto salvation


  • J in AZ needs healing from tinnitis, thyroid problems and joint pain
  • JR in TX needs healing from renal disease, diabetes and heart disease
  • R in TX needs healing from arthritis, fatigue, depression and weakness


  • S in GA needs healing of the relationship with her sister and the underlying issues that cause her to demean and discount this sibling
  • R & JR in TX need healing of their disrespect toward one another in their strained marriage relationship


  • RR in TX needs long-term employment
  • P in TX needs employment
  • T in PA needs employment
  • B & K in AZ need long-term employment
  • Numerous people need financial assistance to get their homestead dream started
  • C in AZ needs financial assistance to get out of a bad living situation with a manipulative family member


  • A certain congregation in Japan needs wisdom and discernment.  Their leadership has wandered into an area where they should not be.  They need to repent and turn to YHWH alone.
  • J and T in AZ need wisdom and discernment in making decisions about the future
  • P in TX needs wisdom and discernment in making decisions about the future
  • T in PA needs wisdom and discernment making daily decisions, in recovering from painful relationship situations and in understanding the true roots of his faith
  • D in GA needs wisdom and discernment in choosing a college and planning for the future


  • Multiple people in diverse locations need shalom (and wisdom / discernment) in dealing with fellowship issues and differences of opinion
  • J in AZ needs Adonai’s true shalom to push out the burdens and concerns of the world, the regrets of the past, and the anxiety of the future