Something Wicked…is HERE

Our Lord commanded us to watch, be watchful, and not fear. We must keep informed of what is really going on in the world, which can be difficult with the waist-deep level of lies and deception these days. Please take the time to read these two articles linked below. I don’t know enough about either site to necessarily recommend them, but think these articles in particular have useful information. As with anything from the mouth of man, have discernment in what you read and listen to. I believe the remainder of 2015 will be very interesting, if not life changing. Many secular sources are predicting “something” happening in September or October as the Shemitah year concludes. Let’s remain obedient and keep watching!

LINK: Omega Shock article on the Anniversary of the Six Day War

LINK: End of the American Dream article on important events from now through September

Recommendation: End Time Pilgrim

Gavin Finley MD from End Time Pilgrim has many insightful Bible studies on his website and YouTube channel. They deal with Biblical last days prophecies. We’ve enjoyed many of them. If you haven’t looked at his site or his videos, I would recommend doing so. Here’s a link to the website, and another to his YouTube channel. I’m confident you will be blessed through his teachings.

Information Overload?

Have you seen the incredible Biblical eschatology charts that Luis Vega puts together? They are amazingly detailed! Some might say they are “too much” and border on information overload. However, I think they are fascinating! If you take the time to study some of them, I believe you’ll be blessed. It would be hard not to learn something by reviewing his work. Of course, as with anything, be sure to test his premises to the Word of Elohim. Don’t accept his words, or any human understanding, without comparing it to the truth of Scripture.

Click on this graphic for a link to his charts.Vega chart