I Will Bring You All Back HOME Again

When you are feeling alone or losing hope, listen to this beautiful song and remember His complete faithfulness!  REJOICE, brothers and sisters in Yeshua!

Two Kinds of Rain

Blessed be YHWH forever and ever!  Our location is finally getting some nourishing rains – slow soaking rains to replenish the dry earth!

But in Israel, it isn’t water that is raining down.  Once again, rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza terrorists.  The nation of Israel was quick to respond, by targeting over 100 Hamas held positions – interrupting the darkness overnight.  Remember to pray for the Middle East, and Israel specifically.  No, for the most part, they aren’t living in the land obediently to Abba.  But it is still His land.


Apology to Israel

Have you heard of the RiverWinds?  They are a Native American Messianic couple who are musicians.  If you haven’t heard them speak or sing, I would encourage you to look them up.  They have a fascinating story to tell and are passionate about Messiah Yeshua!

Kehila News has an article about their recent tour to Israel.  They performed an original song in apology to Israel from the Christian church.  My favorite line in the song is (in speaking to Israel), “you can never be replaced”!  Amen!  Take a peek at the article.

Just Another Move?

Naturally, there have been others busy moving these days, not just Dear Hubby and yours truly.  There are brethren in Messiah relocating at this same time, and I wish them all a blessed experience.  But how about the other fairly significant move that just happened…?

Photo from foxnews.com