Taking a Break

Haven’t been feeling well…so I’m taking a short break to try to recover.  Have a meaningful Yom Kippur, dear brothers and sisters.

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Sound Colors

May your day, month, and remainder of the year be filled with YHWH’s presence, protection, provision and the beauty of His fullness!

Have a blessed Yom Teruah / Feast of Trumpets!

Artist: Yitzchok Moully

Days of Difficulty

Every year it seems to happen.  Both in the spring and the fall…major challenges in life from multiple directions!  Does the enemy choose the month or so before Feasts to launch his biggest attacks?  I wouldn’t doubt it.  He would love to make Abba’s people falter in their feast observance and obedience.

We’ve had, as per usual, a rough 6 weeks leading up to the Fall Feasts.  I know some of you are dealing with hurdles also.  Let’s encourage one another through this time.  It isn’t just you.  It isn’t just me.  We can comfort and lift each other up to persevere.  That is one of the purposes of this blog – to help YHWH’s kids connect.

Know He is trustworthy, faithful and true.  Start each day with His strength to overcome the obstacles.  Find alternative ways to think about a situation.  Maybe part of our problems are our thought processes.  For me, I KNOW that is part of my issue.  But we can choose to put the struggles on the shelf, even if just briefly to catch our breath and gain a better perspective.  Step outside of the chaos, and be still and quiet before our Elohim.

Remember to rejoice faith family!  Our appointed times to meet with our Creator are almost here!!  Rest in Him.

Wings of Bitterness

Whenever we focus on YHWH, joy and praise manifest within us.  But, when we take our eyes off Him and look to the world, others, ourselves, start comparing and coveting…THIS is the face we often see in the mirror.

This week — today — this very moment — Let each of us cut off the wings of bitterness, do not let it take flight, and keep focusing above!

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